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User Name: marinevet123
Price: $0
Posted On: 28-Jun-18
Phone Number: 256-577-9261
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  HORSEBACK MOUNTED SEARCH AND RESCUE UNIT FORMING ! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED NOW ! Hello, I am Earl WEbb, I live in Hazel Green, Alabama and I am a disabled Marine Corp Veteran and a Retired Laqenforcement Officer! I am also a member of www.OATHKEEPERS.org. Please go to the website and see what we are all about and join OATHKEEPERS. We need you in this unit if you have a horse or not ! We beed people for support positions, People to move trailers around to pick up horses and riders, Security Personel to watch over equipment at base camp and Communicatons, and medical personel, farriers, etc! We will allow all breeds of horses and mules, BUT NO STUD HORSES OR JACKS AT ALL, FOR OBVIOUS REASONS ! Every member will be resposeable for the actions of themselves and their horse ! Horses are kid and people magnets ! There will not be any member to let a civilian pet or ride or even take a picture of a horse if the horse does not like camera flashes! We will be working closely with local lawenforcement agencies, so you must be professional at all times, especially while on duty in the public eye ! NO DRINGING ANY TYPE ALCHOL BEVERAGE WHILE ON DUTY ! ABSOLUTELY NO ILLEGAL DRUG USE, IF YOU ARE CAUGHT, YOU WILL BE ARRESTED ON THE SPOT AND THROWN OUT OF THE UNIT, NO EXCUSES ! IF WE ARE IN A SITUATION WHERE WE WILL BE CAMPING OUT OVERNIGHT OR FEW DAYS, MEMBERS MAY DRINK IN A DESIGNATED AREA BUT WE WILL NOT TOLERATE DRUNKS ! IF YOU CAN NOT HANDLE YOUR DRINKING, DONT DRINK ! ONLY MARRIED COUPLES WILL BE ALLOWED TO SLEEP TOGETHER IN A TENT ! THERE WILL NOT BE ANY COHABITATING OR LUDE BEHAVIUOR ALLOWED ! We want persons 18 years and up ! If you join Oathkeepers you will wear a military style BDU uniform or a OATHKEEPERS BLACK T-SHIRT WITH LOGO AND BLACK BALL CAP OR BOONIE HAT TO MATCH YOUR BDU's. OATHKEEPERS WILL WEAR BLACK BOOTS PRERERABLY MILITARTY MILITARY STYLE IF THEY WILL FIT YOUR SADDLE STIRRUPS. PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY ARE COMFORTABLE TO WALK IN ! To join OATHKEEPERS YOU MUST BE IN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES : ex-military,ex-lawenforcement or reserve, ex-firefighter or reserve, EMT. PARAMEDIC, DOCTOR,NURSE or any other allowed category on the www.oathkeepers.org website. For the mounted aearch and rescue unit we need experienced dog handlers, dog trainers , farriers,medical professionals, search and rescue dogs and their handlers, drug dogs and handlers,security-attack dogs and handlers, cadever dogs and handlers, commuinications experts, support personel, horse trainers,veternarians ! WE WANT TO FORM A PROFESSIONAL UNIT WITH CLOSE KNIT MEMBERS THAT WILL BECOME FRIENDS ! WE WILL TRAIN YOU AND YOUR HORSES TO DO MOUNTED CAVALRY MILITARY DRILLS ! WE WILL PRACTISE ON A REGULAR BASIS SPRING THRU WINTER UNTIL EVERY MEMBER AND HORSE KNOWS THE DRILL ! THE HORSES WILL PICK UP THE DRILL VERY VERY FAST ! IT IS THE RIDER THAT TAKES THE LONGEST TO REMEMBER THE DRILL ! AS A MEMBER OF OATHKEEPERS YOU WILL WEAR A DUTY BELT WITH HANDGUN AND MAGAZINES OR SPEEDLOADERS AND OTHER REQUIRED EQUIPMENT. WE WILL HAVE A MEETING AFTER OUR REGULAR SEARCH AND RESCUE MEETING TO DISCUSS OUR UNIFORM AND REQUIRED EQUIPMENT ! AS AN OATHKEEPER UNIT< YOU CAN REST ASSURED YOU WILL BE CALLED OUT TO OTHER STATES AND EVEN OTHER COUNTRIES TO AID IN DISASTERS AND TO PROVIDE SECURITY FOR SCHOOLS< THE U.S. BORDER PATROL AND LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES ! WE WILL HAVE A MILITARY RANK STRUCTURE AND A CHAIN OF COMMAND LIKE RHE MILITARY ! WE WILL DISCUSS THIS AT THE MEETING AND EVERY MEMBER WILL BE REQUIRED TO READ AND SIGN THE RULES AND REGULATIONS ! AS AN OATHKEEPER< WE WILL BE UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF THE GOVERN LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY BUT WE WILL NOT FOLLOW ANY ORDER THAT IS AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES ! THE OFFICERS WILL DETERMINE THIS AND WILL BE THE ONES IN CHARGE OF COMMUNICATING WITH THE GOVERNING LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY AND WILL PASS THE ORDERS DOWN TO THE REST OF THE UNIT, BOTH OATHKEEPERS AND CIVILIAN VOLUNTEERS ! IF YOU WANT TO HELP YOUR FELLOW MAN AND HELP SEARCH FOR MISSING KIDS'' OLD PEOPLE AND OTHERS, THEN PLEASE JOIN OUR UNIT ! WE NEED YOU ! YOUR COMMUNITY NEEDS YOU ! CIVILIAN MEMBERS CAN BE !6 and up, BUT 16 and 17 year old civilla ian members must hve a parent or guardian over 21 to be in charge of them ! Civilian members 21 or older may carry a handgun if they have a current carry permit ! PERMITS WILL BE CHACKED IF YOU ARE WEARING A HANDGUN ! All search and rescue members may carry a rifle or riot gun in a case or scabbord attached to the saddle and unloaded to put down severly injursed horses, and GOD forbid that ever happens, or to dispatch rabid animals or attacking wild animals that areendangering the victim or horse and rider ! This does not include shooting someones dog that might come out and bite at your horses heels or bark at you ! WE WILL DISCUSS THIS AT THE FIRST MEETING ! I will bring in volunteers of my civil war mounted cavalry unit the 7th Tennessee Cavalry to help teach the military drill on horseback ! Also, OATHKEEPERS ESPECIALLY, YOU WILL LEARN TO SHOOT HANDGUN AND RIFLE OR SHOTGUN FROM YOUR HORSES BACK ! CIVILLIAN MEMBERS CAN ALSO BE PART OD THIS IF THEY WANT TO ! WE ALSO NEED MEN FOR OUR CIVIL WAR LIVING HISTIRY MOUNTED CAVALRY UNIT ! SORRY LADIES, OUR CAVALRY UNIT ONLY ALLOWS MEN IN OUR RANKS JUST LIKE DURING THE CIVIL WAR ! IF YOU HAVE READ ALL OF THIS AND STILL WANT TO JOIN OUR SEARCH AND RESCUE UNIT AND/OR OATHKEEPERS, WELCOME ABOARD NEW FRIEND ! PLEASE CALL, TEXT or EMAIL ME. 256-577-9261, eawebb1160@att.net. WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE IN SEX< CREED
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