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Featured Listing
  Rescued baby kitten  $0.0  posted on 08-May-16    
Featured Listing
  French Bulldog Puppies  $750  posted on 01-Feb-16    
Featured Listing
  4 black Rosecomb Bantam Roosters Fo...  $10.00  posted on 01-Nov-15    
Featured Listing
  american bulldog  $0.00  posted on 19-Jan-14    
Featured Listing
  Adoptable Cat  $35.00  posted on 29-Jul-13    
Featured Listing
  $500 REWARD LOST PUPPY  $0  posted on 25-Jul-13    
Featured Listing
  Mini-Dachshund Puppies/AKC  $450  posted on 18-Jul-13    
Featured Listing
  AKC White German Shepherd puppies  $1000  posted on 03-May-13    
Featured Listing
  Lab mix puppies  $0  posted on 05-Apr-13    
Featured Listing
  MULES  $1500.00  posted on 15-Mar-13    
Featured Listing
  Dacshaund 6wks old female puppy  $150.00  posted on 25-Jan-13    
Featured Listing
  4 puppys chihuahua  $175  posted on 01-Dec-12    
Featured Listing
  Tenny  $500  posted on 19-Oct-12    
Featured Listing
  weimeraner pups   $250  posted on 20-Sep-12    
Featured Listing
  Dogs- full blooded Rat Terriers  $0  posted on 08-Sep-12    
Featured Listing
  Mini. Schnauzer Parti Pups  $400  posted on 03-Aug-12    
Featured Listing
  German shepherd puppy  $300  posted on 22-Jul-12    
Featured Listing
  pit bull pups  $200.00  posted on 19-Jul-12    

  Chihuahua/ Fawn Terrier  $150.00  posted on 20-Sep-20    

  2 male pups  $1200.00  posted on 11-Sep-20    

  yorkie puppies  $500  posted on 08-Sep-20    

  AKC English bulldog puppies for ado...  $000  posted on 31-Aug-20    

  6, five week old puppies for adopti...  $000  posted on 14-Aug-20    

  Gorgeous Tiny Yorkie Puppies For Ad...  $500  posted on 04-Aug-20    

  Maine Coone/Savannah Kitten   $600.00  posted on 28-Jun-20    

  Llamas   $500.  posted on 27-Apr-20    

  Pomeranian Puppies For Sale   $300  posted on 24-Apr-20    

  Healthy Yorkie Puppies For Sale   $300  posted on 24-Apr-20    

  Cute English Bulldog Puppies   $400  posted on 24-Apr-20    

  Kittens  $20  posted on 06-Mar-20    

  Brendall bull masstive  $0  posted on 15-Jan-20    

  German Shepherd pups  $300  posted on 18-Nov-19    

  German Shepherd pups  $300  posted on 18-Nov-19    

  AKC Male Boxers Puppies  $500.00  posted on 28-Oct-19    

  Pit puppies  $75  posted on 01-Oct-19    

  Red and blue heilers  $50  posted on 20-Sep-19    

  Lovely yorkshire terrier puppies ?f...  $500  posted on 26-Aug-19    

  full bld german shepherd female pup  $350  posted on 22-Aug-19    

  Kittens  $10  posted on 12-Aug-19    

  full blood german shep.pups  $350  posted on 14-Jul-19    

  Beagle dog   $125  posted on 23-Jun-19    

  Puppy  $0.0  posted on 13-Jun-19    

  Angelic Tea Cup Yorkie Puppies For ...  $480  posted on 30-Apr-19    

  Angelic Tea Cup Yorkie Puppies For ...  $480  posted on 30-Apr-19    

  Adorable Teacup Yorkie Puppies  $300  posted on 28-Mar-19    

  Adorable Teacup Yorkie Puppies   $300  posted on 28-Mar-19    

  LEGIT BREEDER OF MICRO TEACUP PUPPI...  $500  posted on 21-Mar-19    

  AKC REGISTERED ENGLISH/LABRADOR PUP...  $850.00  posted on 17-Mar-19    

  billy goats  $200  posted on 03-Sep-18    

  poodles for sale  $350  posted on 23-Aug-18    

  A K C REGISTERED TEA CUP YORKIE PUP...  $420  posted on 22-Aug-18    

  AKC Parti Yorkie Stud for Sale  $450  posted on 18-Aug-18    

  Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies, male ...  $1100  posted on 17-Aug-18    

  100% Beagle Puppies   $240  posted on 03-Aug-18    

  Yorkie Puppies Available Text/call ...  $420  posted on 01-Jul-18    

  mountain curr dog/red heeler   $0  posted on 27-Jun-18    

  Aussiedoodles F1  $1000  posted on 14-Jun-18    

  Akc Male& female Pembroke Welsh Cor...  $480  posted on 29-May-18    

  Ferrett Condo, Accessories, Female ...  $250  posted on 25-May-18    

  Cocker spaniel puppies  $800  posted on 23-May-18    

  3 month old female ferret w/3 story...  $250  posted on 23-May-18    

  TEA CUP YORKIE PUPPIES FOR SALE TO ...  $420  posted on 08-Apr-18    

  TEA CUP YORKIE PUPPIES FOR SALE TO ...  $420  posted on 08-Apr-18    

  HEALTHY TEA CUP YORKIE PUPPIES FOR...  $300  posted on 29-Mar-18    

  HEALTHY TEA CUP YORKIE PUPPIES FOR...  $300  posted on 29-Mar-18    

  HEALTHY TEA CUP YORKIE PUPPIES FOR...  $300  posted on 29-Mar-18    

  Male and Female Yorkie Puppies For ...  $600  posted on 20-Feb-18    

  French Bulldog Puppies  $600  posted on 31-Jan-18    

  Lovely Yorkie Puppies Available  $150  posted on 26-Jan-18    

  Lovely Yorkie Puppies Available  $000  posted on 25-Jan-18    

  Male and Female Yorkie Puppies For ...  $400  posted on 21-Jan-18    

  AKC YORKIE PUPPIES FOR SALE.....  $400  posted on 14-Jan-18    

  Male Boxer Puppy  $350  posted on 14-Jan-18    

  Pitbull puppies   $300  posted on 11-Jan-18    

  Labrador chocolate puppies  $600  posted on 07-Jan-18    

  Pembrokeshire Corgi For Sale  $599  posted on 06-Jan-18    

  Blue Pitt x-mas puppies for sale  $75  posted on 19-Dec-17    

  Husky puppies   $500  posted on 06-Dec-17    

  6 month old kittens  $0  posted on 16-Nov-17    

  capuchin monkeys available for reho...  $000  posted on 02-Nov-17    

  Chickens and Goats  $0  posted on 15-Sep-17    

  MALE AND FEMALE YORKIE PUPPIES FOR ...  $300  posted on 31-Aug-17    

  Puppies  $1  posted on 22-Aug-17    

  Puppies  $350  posted on 16-Aug-17    

  golden retriever puppies  $500.00  posted on 09-Aug-17    

  Free Yorkie Poo  $0.00  posted on 20-Jul-17    

  Chickens  $10.00  posted on 15-Jul-17    

  Top quality Grade AAA Arowana fishe...  $500  posted on 19-Jun-17    

  Siberian Husky Pups (red  $450.  posted on 15-Jun-17    

  Cute Teacup Yorkie Puppies Availabl...  $300  posted on 15-Jun-17    

  Tea Cup Yorkie's Puppies For Adop...  $300  posted on 12-Jun-17    

  Diamond- AKC English Bulldog femal...  $500  posted on 11-Jun-17    

  Yorkiepoo  $250  posted on 17-May-17    

  Border Collie Puppies  $450.00  posted on 09-May-17    

  lost white dsh cat w/2 diffent col...  $000  posted on 25-Apr-17    

  ADORABLE AKC Registered Yorkie Pup...  $250  posted on 16-Apr-17    

  Yorkie Puppies For Sale  $400  posted on 17-Mar-17    

  Gorgeous Teacup Yorkie puppies For ...  $250  posted on 01-Mar-17    

  Male and Female Akc Yorkie Puppies ...  $300  posted on 22-Feb-17    

  akc labrador puppies  $400.00  posted on 18-Feb-17    

  Amari  $100  posted on 08-Feb-17    

  Standard poodle puppies  $400.00  posted on 01-Feb-17    

  Australian Shepherd puppy   $200  posted on 22-Jan-17    

  8 month old.full bred pit  $200.00  posted on 14-Jan-17    

  Sweet and Spunky Black and White Fe...  $30  posted on 20-Dec-16    

  Olde english bulldoggee for stud  $1500.00  posted on 15-Dec-16    

  Puppies   $600  posted on 06-Dec-16    

  hensons doberman pinscher puppies  $650.00  posted on 27-Nov-16    

  Excellent Yorkie Puppies For Adopti...  $300  posted on 22-Nov-16    

  Excellent Yorkie Puppies For Adopti...  $300  posted on 22-Nov-16    

  Excellent Yorkie Puppies For Adopti...  $300  posted on 22-Nov-16    

  AKC , GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES  $600.  posted on 13-Nov-16    

  Nancy  $360  posted on 26-Oct-16    

  Nancy  $360  posted on 26-Oct-16    

  AKC Siberian Husky Pups  $499  posted on 21-Oct-16    

  Full White Half German Shepherd  $50  posted on 20-Oct-16    

  Aussie Puppies  $125.00  posted on 17-Oct-16    

  Pitbull Puppies for Sale!  $100  posted on 17-Oct-16    

  4 kittens to give to good homes   $0  posted on 06-Oct-16    

  Sweet male and female Yorkshire Ter...  $300  posted on 22-Sep-16    

  Lovely little Shiba Inu Puppies  $300  posted on 22-Sep-16    

  steal your heart English Bulldog p...  $300  posted on 22-Sep-16    

  German Shephard/ Labrador Mix Pups  $50.00  posted on 16-Sep-16    

  Horses  $800.00  posted on 13-Sep-16    

  Beautiful Australian Shephard pup!  $0.00  posted on 12-Sep-16    

  90 gallon fish tank w/ fish and eve...  $500.00  posted on 12-Sep-16    

  Dog found  $00.00  posted on 25-Aug-16    

  Newfoundland puppy  $2000  posted on 24-Aug-16    

  Australian Sheppard Puppies, tri co...  $200.00  posted on 01-Aug-16    

  Westie Puppys  $175  posted on 30-Jul-16    

  found a dog  $0  posted on 30-Jul-16    

  Cute Pomeranian puppies for sale Te...  $500  posted on 25-Jul-16    

  Rhode Island Red  $0  posted on 19-Jul-16    

  six week old chihuahua pups  $75  posted on 08-Jul-16    

  German Shepherd puppies   $300  posted on 04-Jul-16    

  Catahoula Cur Puppies 5months old  $100.00  posted on 30-Jun-16    

  Affectionate Blue eyes Siberian hus...  $300  posted on 15-Jun-16    

  8 week old pups  $300.  posted on 07-Jun-16    

  stephaniemoriss  $400  posted on 07-Jun-16    

  Two Yorkshire Terrier Puppies   $300  posted on 25-May-16    

  Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld with 3 TT...  $690  posted on 21-May-16    

  Adorable Best* Give* Away* *Pomeran...  $580  posted on 15-May-16    
Featured Listing
  Rescued baby kitten  $0.0  posted on 08-May-16    

  Unwanted Chickens   $0.00  posted on 08-May-16    

  ISO hound puppies  $0000  posted on 26-Apr-16    

  ST Bernard Puppies  $900  posted on 19-Apr-16    

  Chow chow mix collie  $0  posted on 05-Apr-16    

  Nigerian dwarf billy goats   $75  posted on 31-Mar-16    

  Pomeranian Pup  $650.00  posted on 27-Mar-16    

  Wonderful DOG needs forever home  $1.  posted on 25-Mar-16    

  2 healthy hogs  $225.00  posted on 11-Mar-16    

  Black and brown Chihuahua   $0.00  posted on 07-Mar-16    

  Female Rott in Heat  $0  posted on 04-Mar-16    

  Boer and fainting goats for sale   $25  posted on 25-Feb-16    

  blood hound and chihauhau  $100.00  posted on 07-Feb-16    
Featured Listing
  French Bulldog Puppies  $750  posted on 01-Feb-16    

  ckc toy poodles  $250  posted on 14-Jan-16    

  AKC miniature bull terriers  $800.00  posted on 14-Jan-16    

  large friendly dog needs home  $00.00  posted on 13-Jan-16    

  Baby Chicks- Red Rocks, Black Austa...  $4.00  posted on 09-Jan-16    

  6 week old rat terrier puppies 1 fe...  $100  posted on 27-Dec-15    

  blondie  $100  posted on 18-Dec-15    

  Puppies,7wks old,part pit & black/t...  $0.00  posted on 17-Dec-15    

  cats  $0.00  posted on 15-Dec-15    

  French Poodle  $350.00  posted on 13-Dec-15    

  Lost dog  $0  posted on 03-Dec-15    

  Siamese kitten's (seal point)   $250.00  posted on 17-Nov-15    

  Great Dane Puppies  $350  posted on 04-Nov-15    

  Black Rosecomb Bantams  $10.00  posted on 01-Nov-15    

  4 black Rosecomb Bantam Roosters Fo...  $10.00  posted on 01-Nov-15    
Featured Listing
  4 black Rosecomb Bantam Roosters Fo...  $10.00  posted on 01-Nov-15    

  Sweet grey cat   $0  posted on 01-Nov-15    

  Part Shih-poo Part Pomeranian Puppy...  $200.00  posted on 30-Oct-15    

  Puppies  $100  posted on 22-Oct-15    

  kitten for sale  $10.00  posted on 21-Oct-15    

  Painted turtles (2)  $0  posted on 16-Oct-15    

  11 Muscovy Ducks for sale $8.00 eac...  $8.0  posted on 11-Oct-15    

  Chihuahua puppies   $200.00  posted on 06-Oct-15    

  Dogs  $50.00  posted on 18-Sep-15    

  Registered Australian Shepherd  $0.00  posted on 11-Sep-15    

  Pygmy Marmosets and White Capuchin...  $600  posted on 07-Sep-15    

  Chinese shar pei   $750  posted on 07-Sep-15    

  Black Lab mix  $20  posted on 02-Sep-15    

  Pure Bred Full Pedigree Siberian Hu...  $400  posted on 02-Sep-15    

  kethybrit  $000  posted on 26-Aug-15    

  Pure Flemish Giant Rabbits  $15.00  posted on 25-Aug-15    

  2breaded dragons male and famale fo...  $180  posted on 08-Aug-15    

  DOBERMAN PINSCHER PUPPIES  $650.00  posted on 02-Aug-15    

  German Shepard stud  $600.00  posted on 31-Jul-15    

  Pitt bull puppy 8 months old male  $000  posted on 30-Jul-15    

  four small dogs   $0  posted on 29-Jul-15    

  female black lab  $350.00  posted on 28-Jul-15    

  Extemely loving, young, neutered ki...  $0  posted on 24-Jul-15    

  Pets  $600.00  posted on 20-Jul-15    

  Doberman pischers  $350.00  posted on 04-Jul-15    

  Puppy ( Pit Husky)  $200  posted on 24-Jun-15    

  AKC Basset hound puppies  $300  posted on 18-Jun-15    

  Baby Hedgehogs   $150  posted on 07-Jun-15    

  Macaw  $1000  posted on 05-Jun-15    

  Tea cup yorkie  $400  posted on 03-Jun-15    

  2 dogs/puppies   $0  posted on 28-May-15    

  husky mix german shepherd pupies   $150  posted on 27-May-15    

  Free puppies  $0.00  posted on 26-May-15    

  Husky pups  $250  posted on 22-May-15    

  lucy  $000  posted on 19-May-15    

  female schnoodle puppy  $400  posted on 18-May-15    

  WHITE LAB PUPPIES FOR SALE  $350.00  posted on 17-May-15    

  Full-blood Piebald 7 week old Dachs...  $250.00  posted on 14-May-15    

  Full-blood Piebald 7 week old Dachs...  $250.00  posted on 14-May-15    

  Chihuahua mixed puppies  $25.00  posted on 30-Apr-15    

  AKC Yorkie Puppies for Sale Text (6...  $100  posted on 28-Apr-15    

  yorkie/ shitzu mix puppies  $75.00  posted on 20-Apr-15    

  pit bull puppies  $250.00  posted on 19-Apr-15    

  2 English Bulldogs  $900.00  posted on 15-Apr-15    

  beautiful pomerian puppies  $500.00  posted on 10-Apr-15    

  Great Dane Puppies  $1000.00  posted on 10-Apr-15    

  Free kitten to loving home!  $0  posted on 31-Mar-15    

  Affectionate Marmoset monkeys for a...  $500  posted on 29-Mar-15    

  shepherd, Rottweiler mix  $15.00  posted on 27-Mar-15    

  pitbull puppies   $200.00  posted on 25-Mar-15    

  monkey  $00  posted on 25-Mar-15    

  monkey  $00  posted on 25-Mar-15    

  half pit and German Shepherd  $0.00  posted on 23-Mar-15    

  half pit and German Shepherd  $0.00  posted on 23-Mar-15    

  Yorkshire terrier  $600  posted on 14-Mar-15    

  Kitten  $0.00  posted on 09-Mar-15    

  Red Border Collie  $0  posted on 07-Mar-15    

  free dog  $.00  posted on 03-Mar-15    

  free dog  $.00  posted on 03-Mar-15    

  Beagle-female  $0.00  posted on 03-Mar-15    

  hound/corky's puppies  $10.  posted on 02-Mar-15    

  Teacup Yorkie Puppy for Free Adopt...  $000  posted on 01-Mar-15    

  Italian Mastiff Puppies  $1200  posted on 28-Feb-15    

  PET CARRIER CANVAS LARGE  $30.00  posted on 21-Feb-15    

  pomerians puppiess  $500.00  posted on 06-Feb-15    

  pomerian puppies  $500.00  posted on 06-Feb-15    

  Outstanding Valentine T-Cup Pomeran...  $400  posted on 03-Feb-15    

  Mind blowing Pomeranian puppies wit...  $000  posted on 22-Jan-15    

  Two Cats  $0  posted on 16-Jan-15    

  yellow bellied silder (turtle)   $45  posted on 13-Jan-15    

  free cats  $0  posted on 06-Jan-15    

  DOBERMAN PINSCHER PUPPIES  $750.00  posted on 04-Jan-15    

  Free Jack Russel to Good Home  $0  posted on 02-Jan-15    

  Free Jack Russel to Good Home  $0  posted on 02-Jan-15    

  Mr Christmas full blooded boy chihu...  $300  posted on 23-Dec-14    

  Ferret  $150  posted on 16-Dec-14    

  kethybrit  $000  posted on 16-Dec-14    

  holland lop rabbits  $30.00  posted on 15-Dec-14    

  Outstanding POMERANIAN Puppies Avai...  $300  posted on 05-Dec-14    

  BORDER COLLIE PUPS   $100.00  posted on 01-Dec-14    

  Male Great Dane ready for stud  $250  posted on 30-Nov-14    

  BORDER COLLIE PUPS   $100.00  posted on 24-Nov-14    

  BORDER COLLIE PUPS   $100.00  posted on 16-Nov-14    

  small size pomeranian puppies for s...  $350  posted on 14-Nov-14    

  Lost dog  $20  posted on 11-Nov-14    

  american pitbull pup  $45.00  posted on 09-Nov-14    

  Baby pygmy Marmoset Monkeys For Ado...  $350  posted on 06-Nov-14    

  Baby pygmy Marmoset Monkeys For Ado...  $350  posted on 06-Nov-14    

  GARMIN ASTRO 320 GPS + 6 DC 50 COL...  $450  posted on 03-Nov-14    

  Boxer Puppy  $500  posted on 17-Oct-14    

  DOBERMAN PINSCHER PUPPIES  $750.00  posted on 15-Oct-14    

  Beagle Puppies  $200  posted on 13-Oct-14    

  ***BEAGLE PUPPIES***  $100.00  posted on 12-Oct-14    

  shitzu-yorkie puppies  $125.00  posted on 12-Oct-14    

  loveable kittin  $25  posted on 08-Oct-14    

  7 month old cane corso mastiff/husk...  $200  posted on 04-Oct-14    

  siberian husky  $200  posted on 03-Oct-14    

  Beautiful Teacup Yorkie puppies,13 ...  $300  posted on 29-Sep-14    

  Found Dog  $0  posted on 25-Sep-14    

  puppies  $200  posted on 22-Sep-14    

  chihuahua puppies  $50  posted on 14-Sep-14    

  free kittens  $0  posted on 13-Sep-14    

  basset beagle mixed dogs  $0  posted on 08-Sep-14    

  2 sun conure parrots  $600.00  posted on 06-Sep-14    

  2 sun conure parrots  $600.00  posted on 06-Sep-14    

  Puppies  $350.  posted on 01-Sep-14    

  Cane Corso Puppies  $1200.00  posted on 27-Aug-14    

  Cane Corso Puppies  $1200.00  posted on 27-Aug-14    

  cane corso puppies  $1200.00  posted on 27-Aug-14    

  Free Puppies  $0  posted on 26-Aug-14    

  pet sitting  $10  posted on 25-Aug-14    

  mini schnauzer  $100  posted on 24-Aug-14    

  Gorgeous English Bulldog Puppies fo...  $250  posted on 23-Aug-14    

  Rottweiler puppies for sale  $150.00  posted on 14-Aug-14    

  AQHA appenidx mare   $2000.00  posted on 13-Aug-14    

  Cornish Rex cat  $200.00  posted on 13-Aug-14    

  Yorkieshire terrier  $200.00  posted on 08-Aug-14    

  Chihuahua puppies  $100.00  posted on 08-Aug-14    

  Chihuahua puppy  $100  posted on 05-Aug-14    

  Cute & Healthy Yorkie Puppies  $300  posted on 02-Aug-14    

  AKC Basset Hound puppies   $500  posted on 28-Jul-14    

  55 Gallon Fish Tank  $350  posted on 22-Jul-14    

  Chocolate lab/ boxer mix 5 years ol...  $50.00  posted on 18-Jul-14    

  Full chocolate lab 6 years old  $50.00  posted on 18-Jul-14    

  Dalmation Lab mix  $0  posted on 12-Jul-14    

  Premium Quality Asian and Malaysian...  $000  posted on 10-Jul-14    

  Teacup Yorkie PuppY for free adop...  $000  posted on 07-Jul-14    

  Healthy English Bulldog Puppies   $300  posted on 02-Jul-14    

  Marmoset Monkeys for sale  $500  posted on 02-Jul-14    

  lost dog  $0  posted on 01-Jul-14    

  LABRADOR RETRIEVER PUPPIES  $200  posted on 27-Jun-14    

  Gorgeous Teacup Yorkie puppies for ...  $100  posted on 25-Jun-14    

  Free Puppies --- In need of a great...  $0  posted on 20-Jun-14    

  kittens  $00000000000  posted on 19-Jun-14    

  Long Hair Chihuahua Puppies  $150.00  posted on 19-Jun-14    

  AKC Doberman puppies   $300  posted on 19-Jun-14    

  Kittens  $00.00  posted on 18-Jun-14    

  3 baby boston terriers 2 females.....  $250.00...  posted on 18-Jun-14    

  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppi...  $000  posted on 18-Jun-14    

  Akita Puppies For Sale  $000  posted on 18-Jun-14    

  Free to Good Home  $0  posted on 17-Jun-14    

  Free to Good Home  $0  posted on 17-Jun-14    

  Maltese and Shih Tzu Mix  $600  posted on 14-Jun-14    

  Puppy  $00  posted on 10-Jun-14    

  Chihuahua's  $150.00  posted on 09-Jun-14    

  Pit bull puppies  $100  posted on 08-Jun-14    

  Charming Pomeranian Puppies Availa...  $350  posted on 04-Jun-14    

  Cute and Charming Pomeranian Puppie...  $350  posted on 04-Jun-14    

  Australian Shepherd  $375  posted on 01-Jun-14    

  yorkie   $1000  posted on 31-May-14    

  Miniature Beagle with papers  $400  posted on 31-May-14    

  Free Bulldog /Lab Mix Puppies  $0.00  posted on 29-May-14    

  kittens  $0.00  posted on 26-May-14    

  kittens  $0.00  posted on 26-May-14    

  kittens  $0.00  posted on 26-May-14    

  boxers puppies  $600  posted on 26-May-14    

  Bullipei Puppy  $0  posted on 20-May-14    

  beggle puppies  $75.00  posted on 12-May-14    

  pet sitting  $10.00  posted on 12-May-14    

  pet sitting  $10.00  posted on 12-May-14    

  Extra chaming yorkie puppies for y...  $200  posted on 02-May-14    

  FREE PUPPIES  $0.00  posted on 23-Apr-14    

  male and female sugar gliders   $100.00  posted on 19-Apr-14    

  African Grey Parrot  $550  posted on 16-Apr-14    

  labrador retriever puppies  $500.  posted on 08-Apr-14    

  Adult Male Sugar Gilder  $150  posted on 03-Apr-14    

  Chinese dwarf hamsters  $15  posted on 01-Apr-14    

  2 Guinea Pigs  $50  posted on 01-Apr-14    

  Chinchilla  $100  posted on 01-Apr-14    

  Yorkshire Terrier Puppies available...  $300  posted on 31-Mar-14    

  Irish Red and White Setter  $100  posted on 28-Mar-14    

  Patches--male, fixed 1 yr old cat  $0.00  posted on 25-Mar-14    

  basset beagle mixed dogs  $0  posted on 20-Mar-14    

  Lovely Male and Female Yorkie pupp...  $250  posted on 20-Mar-14    

  French Bulldog Puppies Available Fo...  $450  posted on 19-Mar-14    

  Two gorgeous Yorkie puppies for ado...  $300  posted on 18-Mar-14    

  English Bulldog Puppy for free ado...  $000  posted on 18-Mar-14    

  Gorgeous Teacup Yorkie Puppies For ...  $150  posted on 13-Mar-14    

  AKC toy poodle  $450  posted on 05-Mar-14    

  Two cocktail Birds  $75.00  posted on 04-Mar-14    

  teacup yorkie puppies  $350  posted on 28-Feb-14    

  Chinese Pug  $250.00  posted on 26-Feb-14    

  Healthy English Bulldog Puppies For...  $200  posted on 24-Feb-14    

  2 year old beagles  $600  posted on 22-Feb-14    

  Marmoset monkey bottle babies avail...  $400  posted on 20-Feb-14    

  male ,brown lab puppy  $00000  posted on 11-Feb-14    

  German Shepard male puppies   $250.00  posted on 09-Feb-14    

  Pygmy marmoset monkeys avialable  $500  posted on 07-Feb-14    

  Good Looking Teacup Yorkie puppies ...  $100  posted on 04-Feb-14    

  AKC Bassethound Puppies  $500  posted on 01-Feb-14    

  Queensland/ Dingo  $20  posted on 31-Jan-14    

  Blue American Pit Puppies  $200; 250.00  posted on 31-Jan-14    

  White lab puppies  $50.00  posted on 29-Jan-14    

  Free Kittens!  $0  posted on 21-Jan-14    

  crochet dog sweaters   $6.00  posted on 21-Jan-14    

  2 boy teacup Chihuahuas that are 9 ...  $50  posted on 20-Jan-14    
Featured Listing
  american bulldog  $0.00  posted on 19-Jan-14    

  Marvelous Yorkie Puppies For Free A...  $200  posted on 19-Jan-14    

  Marvelous Yorkie Puppies For Free A...  $200  posted on 19-Jan-14    

  URGENT**Yorkshire Terrier Puppies ...  $250  posted on 17-Jan-14    

  Border Collie  $0  posted on 15-Jan-14    

  AKC Great Dane  $1000  posted on 13-Jan-14    

  boxer male  $300  posted on 09-Jan-14    

  Pomeranian Puppies   $300  posted on 09-Jan-14    

  Extremely cute Teacup Yorkie puppie...  $250  posted on 09-Jan-14    

  Extra Charming Yorkshire Terrier p...  $250  posted on 29-Dec-13    

  adorable pit bull puppies  $100.00  posted on 28-Dec-13    

  Missing Black Lab Mix  $0.00  posted on 18-Dec-13    

  Catahoula puppies  $150.00  posted on 16-Dec-13    

  pit/lab mix 4month beautiful adopta...  $75.00  posted on 14-Dec-13    

  chaiwa puppies  $100  posted on 14-Dec-13    

  Billy and Daisy  $250  posted on 13-Dec-13    

  7yr. old Hound/Terrier mix  $0  posted on 10-Dec-13    

  AKC registered German Rottweiler Pu...  $400  posted on 09-Dec-13    

  dog  $20.00  posted on 09-Dec-13    

  Puppies  $0  posted on 03-Dec-13    

  designer pups  $300.00  posted on 25-Nov-13    

  Yorkies  $200  posted on 22-Nov-13    

  Three beautiful kittens.  $0  posted on 14-Nov-13    

  Amazon Parrot  $300  posted on 13-Nov-13    

  puppies- shepherd mix  $0.00  posted on 09-Nov-13    

  shepherd mix  $0  posted on 06-Nov-13    

  Lost Dog!  $0  posted on 05-Nov-13    

  House Cats  $0.00  posted on 04-Nov-13    

  Beautiful X-MASS Yorkie Puppies Av...  $100  posted on 29-Oct-13    

  2 chihuahua pomeranians  $50  posted on 26-Oct-13    

  chorkie pup  $400  posted on 15-Oct-13    

  Free Kitten  $0  posted on 14-Oct-13    

  english bulldog puppys akc  $2900.00  posted on 11-Oct-13    

  Mary Graves  $400  posted on 01-Oct-13    

  ckc mini schnauzer puppy`s  $600.00  posted on 01-Oct-13    

  Akc-Ukc registered lab puppies  $600  posted on 26-Sep-13    

  Pitbull Puppies  $75  posted on 25-Sep-13    

  pit bull puppies  $200.00  posted on 22-Sep-13    

  Yorkie puppy  $550.00  posted on 13-Sep-13    

  DELAWARE ROOSTER  $8.00  posted on 10-Sep-13    

  turkeys  $10.00  posted on 06-Sep-13    

  turkeys  $10.00  posted on 06-Sep-13    

  AKC Bassethound pups  $400.00  posted on 02-Sep-13    

  french bulldog puppies for sale   $290  posted on 31-Aug-13    

  Siberian Husky W/ crystal blue eyes  $300.00  posted on 26-Aug-13    

  Lost Dog  $0  posted on 23-Aug-13    

  9 yr old yellow head amazon parrot  $100  posted on 20-Aug-13    

  Free Boxer  $0  posted on 19-Aug-13    

  Free Kitten!!  $0  posted on 19-Aug-13    

  AKC Bassett Hound puppies  $500.00  posted on 18-Aug-13    

  Sugar gliders   $50.00  posted on 15-Aug-13    

  Great Dane  $300.00  posted on 12-Aug-13    

  Half German Shepard Puppies  $0  posted on 11-Aug-13    

  blue and gold macaw  $700  posted on 11-Aug-13    

  guinea pig for cheap  $10.00  posted on 10-Aug-13    

  siberian husky puppies  $450.00  posted on 09-Aug-13    

  border collie/mix puppies  $20  posted on 08-Aug-13    

  Ball Python  $150  posted on 31-Jul-13    

  Ball python forsale  $150.00  posted on 31-Jul-13    

  Chihuahua pupies  $200  posted on 29-Jul-13    
Featured Listing
  Adoptable Cat  $35.00  posted on 29-Jul-13    
Featured Listing
  $500 REWARD LOST PUPPY  $0  posted on 25-Jul-13    
Featured Listing
  Mini-Dachshund Puppies/AKC  $450  posted on 18-Jul-13    

  2 rabbits and cage free to good hom...  $0  posted on 15-Jul-13    

  Great Pyrenees / Collie mix  $0  posted on 08-Jul-13    

  Pitbulls  $120  posted on 07-Jul-13    

  gemale chiuahuah puppy  $150.00  posted on 07-Jul-13    

  shih tuz   $200  posted on 06-Jul-13    

  pitt boxer mix/ 5 weeks old  $50  posted on 05-Jul-13    

  Dogs  $0  posted on 29-Jun-13    

  Corgi-Bull Terrier Mix- Adorable!  $0.00  posted on 27-Jun-13    

  miniature domerman  $400.00  posted on 27-Jun-13    

  cha weenie pups  $150.00  posted on 26-Jun-13    

  Dalmation Puppies  $400.  posted on 25-Jun-13    

  Gorgeous Pit Bull Puppies :-)  $30.00  posted on 19-Jun-13    

  puppies  $125.00  posted on 19-Jun-13    

  DOODLE PUPPIES  $700.  posted on 19-Jun-13    

  Dandauchsund Pups  $30.00  posted on 16-Jun-13    

  bantam chickens  $25  posted on 14-Jun-13    

  4 kittens  $0  posted on 14-Jun-13    

  Free Kittens  $0  posted on 12-Jun-13    

  female akc show quality bull terrio...  $850  posted on 12-Jun-13    

  AKC golden retriever  $900.00  posted on 09-Jun-13    

  alicia  $500  posted on 04-Jun-13    

  FREE TO RIGHT HOME  $0  posted on 03-Jun-13    

  Silver Labrador Puppies  $600  posted on 03-Jun-13    

  Blue Pit Bull Puppies  $300  posted on 27-May-13    

  winnie dog female 8 mos old   $125  posted on 27-May-13    

  Female Black Lab  $0  posted on 26-May-13    

  German Shepherd puppies  $300.00  posted on 20-May-13    

  dogs  $1.00  posted on 17-May-13    

  neo mastiff mix, 2 med sized dogs  $0  posted on 15-May-13    

  Male Red-Eared Slider Turtle  $200.00  posted on 14-May-13    

  English Bulldog babies  $1800.00  posted on 12-May-13    

  Turkey, Duck, Rabbits  $50.00  posted on 09-May-13    

  Shetland Pony  $400.00  posted on 09-May-13    

  2-Miniature Pygmy Goats  $175.00  posted on 09-May-13    

  Male Pot Belly Pig   $150.00  posted on 09-May-13    

  German Shepherd  $75  posted on 04-May-13    
Featured Listing
  AKC White German Shepherd puppies  $1000  posted on 03-May-13    

  BEAGLE PUPS  $0.00  posted on 02-May-13    

  Cute Persian Kittens available  $00  posted on 30-Apr-13    

  4 Rabbit Beagle Dogs w/ pens & hous...  $1000.00  posted on 29-Apr-13    

  Pit bull puppy's red boy jocko   $0  posted on 29-Apr-13    

  9 wk old Pit Bull puppies  $100  posted on 24-Apr-13    

  Yorkie  $280  posted on 19-Apr-13    

  cockatiels  $150  posted on 15-Apr-13    

  Pitt Bull puppies  $300  posted on 11-Apr-13    
Featured Listing
  Lab mix puppies  $0  posted on 05-Apr-13    

  pit bull pups  $50.00  posted on 05-Apr-13    

  pit bull pups  $50.00  posted on 05-Apr-13    

  3yr old pit bull  $0  posted on 04-Apr-13    

  puppys for sale  $200.00  posted on 03-Apr-13    

  puppys for sale  $200.00  posted on 03-Apr-13    

  Buy Chickens  $0  posted on 28-Mar-13    

  3 year old lab/golden retriever mix  $0.00  posted on 20-Mar-13    

  reg. paint brood mare,and paint sta...  $800.00  posted on 19-Mar-13    

  Iron Grey Mare  $400.00  posted on 16-Mar-13    

  Black Riding Mule  $400.00  posted on 16-Mar-13    
Featured Listing
  MULES  $1500.00  posted on 15-Mar-13    

  Cute Maltese Puppies For R-Homing  $210  posted on 11-Mar-13    

  Ukc registered Pit bull pups  $700.00  posted on 09-Mar-13    

  Registered Boxer Puppies  $400  posted on 07-Mar-13    

  free puppy   $0  posted on 05-Mar-13    

  Free to a loving home  $2.00  posted on 01-Mar-13    

  free puppies  $0.00  posted on 28-Feb-13    

  Puppy  $00.00  posted on 26-Feb-13    

  registered blue brindle puppies  $800.00  posted on 26-Feb-13    

  Pygmy goats  $100.  posted on 25-Feb-13    

  registered blue fan pitbull terrio...  $500.00  posted on 21-Feb-13    

  Chihuahua Female  $400.00  posted on 18-Feb-13    

  3 puppies  $0.00  posted on 18-Feb-13    

  MinPin puppy full blooded  $120.00  posted on 05-Feb-13    

  free puppy  $0  posted on 05-Feb-13    

  Labradoodle   $40  posted on 05-Feb-13    

  pit puppies  $100  posted on 29-Jan-13    

  free puppies  $0  posted on 29-Jan-13    

  husky pups  $150  posted on 29-Jan-13    

  Dachsund Puppy's  $150.00  posted on 28-Jan-13    
Featured Listing
  Dacshaund 6wks old female puppy  $150.00  posted on 25-Jan-13    

  three silky roosters  $0  posted on 19-Jan-13    

  adult schnauzer need a good home  $50.00  posted on 17-Jan-13    

  schnauzer puppies for sale 175.00  $175.00  posted on 17-Jan-13    

  Tamed English Bullies For R-Homing  $250  posted on 15-Jan-13    

  pitbull pups born 12/12/12  $50  posted on 14-Jan-13    

  looking for a puppy  $0  posted on 13-Jan-13    

  schnauzer puppie  $200  posted on 11-Jan-13    

  pomeranian pup  $125  posted on 06-Jan-13    

  free cats  $0.00  posted on 02-Jan-13    

  hound dog  $0  posted on 02-Jan-13    

  T-Cup Yorkie Puppies Ready Now   $00.00  posted on 28-Dec-12    

  !!! Wow!!! Celebrity English Bulldo...  $240  posted on 28-Dec-12    

  blue great Dane puppy  $500  posted on 27-Dec-12    

  LOST DOG  $100  posted on 20-Dec-12    

  English Bull Dog  $2000.00  posted on 14-Dec-12    

  Baby hedge hog  $180  posted on 11-Dec-12    

  guinea pig  $15  posted on 10-Dec-12    

  Lab Puppies  $200.00  posted on 09-Dec-12    

  Basset Hound sisters SPAYED  $125.00  posted on 02-Dec-12    
Featured Listing
  4 puppys chihuahua  $175  posted on 01-Dec-12    

  Chihuahua pups   $250  posted on 30-Nov-12    

  Milkish Available Siberian Husky Pu...  $00  posted on 30-Nov-12    

  AKC Brussels Griffon  $800  posted on 28-Nov-12    

  LOST ROTTWEILER MIX REWARD!!!!  $0  posted on 28-Nov-12    

  Arabian colt and filly for sale or ...  $450  posted on 26-Nov-12    

  AKC Great Dane puppies  $500  posted on 26-Nov-12    

  game chickens  $30  posted on 25-Nov-12    

  Available Siberian huskies for sale  $240  posted on 20-Nov-12    

  Siberian Husky puppy  $200  posted on 15-Nov-12    

  English Bulldog Puppies Excellent ...  $300  posted on 14-Nov-12    

  Male and female English Bulldog Pup...  $500  posted on 13-Nov-12    

  jack russell and ratierier puppies ...  $30.00  posted on 08-Nov-12    

  isabella  $300  posted on 07-Nov-12    

  blue pit bull puppy ADBA papers   $1000  posted on 30-Oct-12    

  (6 Males) Ukc Purple Ribbon Blue Pi...  $800  posted on 27-Oct-12    

  Ukc Purple Ribbon Blue Pitbull Pups  $800  posted on 26-Oct-12    

  ferret  $50.00  posted on 26-Oct-12    

  snakes  $30.00  posted on 26-Oct-12    

  iso small chihuahua puppy please re...  $0  posted on 25-Oct-12    

  Male Mini Schnauzer  $250  posted on 25-Oct-12    

  FREE YELLOW LAB  $0  posted on 19-Oct-12    
Featured Listing
  Tenny  $500  posted on 19-Oct-12    

  pug  $150  posted on 16-Oct-12    

  red nose pitbull  $100  posted on 16-Oct-12    

  rat terrior puppies  $0  posted on 14-Oct-12    

  Chorkie-Pom Puppies  $$400.00  posted on 14-Oct-12    

  Chorkie-Pom Puppies  $$400.00  posted on 14-Oct-12    

  Chorkie Puppy  $400.00  posted on 14-Oct-12    

  Male hamsters   $7  posted on 13-Oct-12    

  Free Puppies   $0.00  posted on 11-Oct-12    

  Dachshund Puppies  $375.00  posted on 10-Oct-12    

  PitBull pups with papers  $250  posted on 05-Oct-12    

  Cockapoo Puppy 8 weeks  $175.00  posted on 03-Oct-12    

  puppies  $100  posted on 01-Oct-12    

  shih tzu puppys with papers  $300  posted on 29-Sep-12    

  akc ckc basset hound for sale  $100.00  posted on 21-Sep-12    

  Free German Shepard Puppy  $0  posted on 21-Sep-12    
Featured Listing
  weimeraner pups   $250  posted on 20-Sep-12    

  3 year old Husky/Timberworf mix  $200  posted on 18-Sep-12    

  Billy Goat  $30.00  posted on 17-Sep-12    

  Male Boxer   $0.00  posted on 16-Sep-12    

  female mixed breed  $0.00  posted on 16-Sep-12    

  AKC Lab Puppies  $400.00  posted on 13-Sep-12    

  yorkie puppies  $600.00  posted on 11-Sep-12    
Featured Listing
  Dogs- full blooded Rat Terriers  $0  posted on 08-Sep-12    

  PKC REG Black Tan / Walker cross pu...  $200  posted on 07-Sep-12    

  german shepherd puppies  $200  posted on 05-Sep-12    

  Shih Tzu Puppies  $300  posted on 04-Sep-12    

  FERRET 5 month old a  $150.00  posted on 01-Sep-12    

  Found! Older Male Basset Hound   $0.00  posted on 31-Aug-12    

  pit bull pups  $125  posted on 30-Aug-12    

  yorkie puppies ready now  $350.00  posted on 27-Aug-12    

  german shepherd puppies  $200  posted on 27-Aug-12    

  guinea pig  $25  posted on 26-Aug-12    

  Timber wolf german shepherd mix  $100  posted on 20-Aug-12    

  2 Chinchillas & lg.cage  $200.00  posted on 17-Aug-12    

  Bird cockatiel & cage  $50.00  posted on 17-Aug-12    

  Walker Coon Hound  $0  posted on 14-Aug-12    

  mini holland lop rabbits purebred, ...  $20  posted on 12-Aug-12    

  10 wk old chiwennie puppy  $05  posted on 10-Aug-12    

  pit pups  $150  posted on 08-Aug-12    

  Havanese Puppies  $500.00  posted on 07-Aug-12    

  Havanese Puppies  $500.00  posted on 07-Aug-12    

  BLUE EYE PITTS  $300  posted on 04-Aug-12    

  Baby Bunnies  $10.00  posted on 03-Aug-12    
Featured Listing
  Mini. Schnauzer Parti Pups  $400  posted on 03-Aug-12    

  Free  $0  posted on 30-Jul-12    

  Male Red Doberman  $200  posted on 28-Jul-12    

  Tennessee walker mare  $600.00  posted on 26-Jul-12    

  english bulldog puppies  $250  posted on 26-Jul-12    
Featured Listing
  German shepherd puppy  $300  posted on 22-Jul-12    
Featured Listing
  pit bull pups  $200.00  posted on 19-Jul-12    

  Extremely Cute Male And Female Engl...  $400  posted on 17-Jul-12    

  puppies  $0.00  posted on 16-Jul-12    

  pitt puppys  $450.00  posted on 15-Jul-12    

  austrailian shepherds and lab mix!...  $10  posted on 15-Jul-12    

  CKC Registered mini schnauzers  $200.00  posted on 15-Jul-12    

  hamsters  $0.00  posted on 13-Jul-12    

  free hamsters  $0.00  posted on 13-Jul-12    

  free momma cat an 2 4mnth old male ...  $0  posted on 12-Jul-12    

  Yorkshire Terrier Puppies  $600.00  posted on 12-Jul-12    

  pitbull puppies  $50.00  posted on 08-Jul-12    

  2 Female Beagles Free to good home  $0  posted on 05-Jul-12    

  Doberman Pups  $350  posted on 28-Jun-12    

  puppies  $200.00  posted on 27-Jun-12    

  free kittens  $0  posted on 27-Jun-12    

  yorkie poo puppies2 females 1blackt...  $350.00  posted on 26-Jun-12    

  Getting rid of Cats/ kittens/dog  $10  posted on 26-Jun-12    

  Spunky Male and Female English Bull...  $400  posted on 24-Jun-12    

  satinette peigons  $100.00  posted on 20-Jun-12    

  Registered English Bulldog Puppies ...  $300  posted on 19-Jun-12    

  pets  $200.00  posted on 17-Jun-12    

  Free Kittens  $.0  posted on 15-Jun-12    

  Chihuahua  $75.00  posted on 15-Jun-12    

  blue female chihuahua puppy  $350  posted on 13-Jun-12    

  male boston terrier puppy  $200  posted on 13-Jun-12    

  Chihuahuas 4 Sale ACA  $200.00  posted on 13-Jun-12    

  2 yr female silky  $100  posted on 12-Jun-12    

  lab/pyrnees mix pups  $0  posted on 12-Jun-12    

  Ckc Mini Schnauzers all colors  $250.00  posted on 12-Jun-12    

  AKC Doberman Puppies  $550.00  posted on 10-Jun-12    

  Siamese Cat  $100  posted on 09-Jun-12    

  CKC Poodle Puppies  $275.00  posted on 07-Jun-12    

  puppies/ Labernese  $200  posted on 06-Jun-12    

  CKC Doberman Pups  $400  posted on 01-Jun-12    

  2 yr old AQHA filly  $600  posted on 01-Jun-12    

  Health Guarantee Portuguese Water D...  $300  posted on 30-May-12    

  Chihuahua puppy  $200  posted on 25-May-12    

  Chihuahua puppy  $200  posted on 25-May-12    

  Female Great Pyrenees pups  $265.00  posted on 24-May-12    

  male Great Pyrenees pups  $215.00  posted on 24-May-12    

  Free dogs  $0  posted on 23-May-12    

  9 kittens  $0  posted on 20-May-12    

  bunnies for sale  $40.00  posted on 18-May-12    

  Save Our Philly City Kitty  $0  posted on 11-May-12    

  Philly City Kitty  $0  posted on 11-May-12    

  Pomeranian rare blue male  $400.00  posted on 08-May-12    

  Kittens  $0  posted on 05-May-12    

  Excellent Akc Male and Female Teacu...  $200  posted on 03-May-12    

  Excellent Akc Male and Female Teacu...  $200  posted on 03-May-12    

  Lost maltese puppy  $0  posted on 28-Apr-12    

  Male And Female English Bull Dog Pu...  $00.00  posted on 23-Apr-12    

  CKC Registered Mini Schnauzers  $350.00  posted on 21-Apr-12    

  boxer bull dog  $100.00  posted on 20-Apr-12    

  Mixed breed bunnies  $10  posted on 14-Apr-12    

  blue merle australian shepherd  $200  posted on 13-Apr-12    

  Free English Bulldog puppies For Fr...  $00  posted on 11-Apr-12    

  AKC Lab Puppies  $300  posted on 09-Apr-12    

  6 yr old house trained Staffordshir...  $100  posted on 07-Apr-12    

  CKC Blue and white pitbull (500 obo...  $500  posted on 06-Apr-12    

  AKC Registered Silver/Charcoal Labs  $800.00  posted on 03-Apr-12    

  Pit bull  $1000  posted on 03-Apr-12    

  Diamond  $1000  posted on 03-Apr-12    

  pups  $30  posted on 26-Feb-12    

  dogs  $20  posted on 25-Feb-12    

  dogs  $20  posted on 25-Feb-12    

  Half St. Bernard  $0  posted on 20-Feb-12    

  chawwallwaw  $100.00  posted on 18-Feb-12    

  Rat terrier puppies  $75.00  posted on 16-Feb-12    

  Rat Terrier Puppies  $100  posted on 16-Feb-12    

  Pedigree AKC English Bulldog Puppi...  $350  posted on 10-Feb-12    

  Scooter, 3y/o mixed breed male  $0  posted on 10-Feb-12    

  Boxer puppies  $125  posted on 06-Feb-12    

  Great Dane Puppy  $0.00  posted on 28-Jan-12    

  1Male and 1Female Dachshund  $50.00  posted on 15-Jan-12    

  6 week old basset puppies  $350  posted on 15-Jan-12    

  walker coon hound puppies  $50.00  posted on 15-Jan-12    

  great dane puppies  $300.00  posted on 14-Jan-12    

  Cocker Spaniel Pup  $400  posted on 10-Jan-12    

  British Labrador Stud Service  $275.00  posted on 09-Jan-12    

  FULL BLOODED GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS  $100.00  posted on 09-Jan-12    

  Full Blooded German Shepherd Pups,...  $100.00  posted on 09-Jan-12    

  chihuawa  $100.00  posted on 08-Jan-12    

  Jack Russell puppies  $100  posted on 06-Jan-12    

  Male and Female English Bulldog pup...  $300  posted on 06-Jan-12    

  AKC chinese sharpei puppy  $400  posted on 02-Jan-12    

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