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Featured Listing
  Thompson Black diamond muzzle loade...  $325.00  posted on 18-Aug-14    
Featured Listing
  20ga semi-auto new tri-star cva ele...  $1050  posted on 17-Apr-14    
Featured Listing
  12 Gauge Camo Remington Versamax  $900  posted on 03-Apr-14    
Featured Listing
  41 REM. Magnum cartridges  $0  posted on 08-May-13    
Featured Listing
  Hand Gun  $450.00  posted on 04-Apr-13    
Featured Listing
  Excellent 12 gauge shotgun  $200.00  posted on 01-Sep-12    

  Ar upper  $275  posted on 18-Jun-16    

  Ar 5.56 upper  $275  posted on 14-Jun-16    

  17 Cal Hmr Rifle  $150.00  posted on 13-May-16    

  Hi Point Firearm  $300  posted on 10-May-16    

  300 weatherby mag  $900  posted on 07-May-16    

  Rossi 243-20g-22 youth gun  $450  posted on 07-May-16    

  1877 colt revolver  $500  posted on 25-Apr-16    

  40 cal. Hi point carbine   $450.00  posted on 08-Apr-16    

  Ruger 40 caliber semiautomatic hand...  $475  posted on 31-Mar-16    

  Comanche pistol  $150  posted on 27-Mar-16    

  Smith&Wesson M&P 15-22 Rifle   $300  posted on 09-Mar-16    

  SKS RIFLE 7.62mm  $400.00  posted on 25-Feb-16    

  1911 9mm rock island firearm  $500  posted on 10-Feb-16    

  DPMS .308 AR with gun case and ammo  $2000  posted on 22-Jan-16    

  Colt commando ww2 38special  $1000  posted on 03-Jan-16    

  357 colt mark lll lawman   $500  posted on 11-Oct-15    

  russian sega 12 guage  $700.00  posted on 16-Sep-15    

  Handgun- m&p .40  $600  posted on 03-Sep-15    

  12 gauge browning gold hunter  $750.00  posted on 30-Aug-15    

  3' x 5' Confederate Flags  $12.  posted on 24-Jul-15    

  Bushmaster 50 Cal  $4500  posted on 05-Jun-15    

  Bushmaster 50 cal rifle  $4500  posted on 05-Jun-15    

  Benelli Supernova 12 gauge  $750  posted on 23-May-15    

  Winchester 1400 auto. 12 gauge  $300  posted on 23-May-15    

  RCBS Reloading equipment  $300  posted on 24-Apr-15    

  RCBS Reloading equipment  $300  posted on 24-Apr-15    

  Speed Loader for AR-15  $40  posted on 08-Mar-15    

  Army commemorative M16 A2   $1500.00  posted on 13-Feb-15    

  Winchester model 370 20 gauge  $150  posted on 31-Jan-15    

  ruger m14  $600  posted on 23-Jan-15    

  .22 cricket  $130  posted on 14-Jan-15    

  H&R Ultra Hunter ,280 Caliber   $400.00  posted on 27-Dec-14    

  hi point 9mm luger  $250  posted on 03-Dec-14    

  Kel-Tec  $1200  posted on 30-Nov-14    

  mathews LX competition compound bow  $600  posted on 16-Nov-14    

  Glock Mod 22 Gen 4 40 cal.  $500.00  posted on 20-Oct-14    

  AR-15 Bushmaster  $1200  posted on 12-Oct-14    

  Benelli nova 12ga pump  $600.00  posted on 27-Sep-14    

  winchester model 37  $250.00  posted on 23-Sep-14    

  Muzzleloader  $700.00  posted on 05-Sep-14    

  AMMO  $800.00  posted on 25-Aug-14    
Featured Listing
  Thompson Black diamond muzzle loade...  $325.00  posted on 18-Aug-14    

  Colt Govt. MKIV .380  $900.00  posted on 17-Aug-14    

  Marlin 336  $600  posted on 15-Aug-14    

  Weatherby pa-459 12 gauge   $450  posted on 02-Aug-14    

  issc mk22 rifle  $500  posted on 29-Jul-14    

  Bushmaster AR 15  $1500  posted on 26-Jul-14    

  Bushmaster AR 15  $1500  posted on 26-Jul-14    

  Weatherby 12ga PA-459 Threat Respon...  $350  posted on 23-Jun-14    

  taylor tactical 1911  $480  posted on 14-Jun-14    

  AK 47 SEGA  $700.00  posted on 09-Jun-14    

  6.5.mm ww2 sniper rifer   $365  posted on 03-Jun-14    

  mossburge pump shot gun new  $295  posted on 03-Jun-14    

  30-06 shells 357 shells  $10.00  posted on 31-May-14    

  Model700 Remington 270  $500.00  posted on 31-May-14    

  Remington 11-48   $700  posted on 18-Apr-14    
Featured Listing
  20ga semi-auto new tri-star cva ele...  $1050  posted on 17-Apr-14    

  .308 SASS  $1600.00  posted on 16-Apr-14    

  38 pistol  $375  posted on 05-Apr-14    
Featured Listing
  12 Gauge Camo Remington Versamax  $900  posted on 03-Apr-14    

  Browning Bar II Safari 7mm   $1200.00  posted on 22-Mar-14    

  Homemade Cedar Gun Case  $1500.00  posted on 13-Mar-14    

  shotgun  $350  posted on 10-Mar-14    

  22 rifle  $300  posted on 07-Mar-14    

  9 mm handgun  $450.00  posted on 17-Feb-14    

  remington 30-6  $425  posted on 29-Jan-14    

  glock 30  $600  posted on 20-Jan-14    

  Smith & Wesson .40 M&P with night s...  $350  posted on 16-Jan-14    

  Taurus Pt 1911 .45ACP  $950  posted on 08-Jan-14    

  Walther PPQ M2 9mm   $999  posted on 03-Jan-14    

  Glock Model 22 40 cal  $500  posted on 19-Dec-13    

  AR15  $700  posted on 14-Dec-13    

  spanish mauser  $250  posted on 10-Dec-13    

  savage 30-06  $275  posted on 10-Dec-13    

  Winchester SX-3   $800  posted on 01-Nov-13    

  Ruger/Tapco AR 10/22  $350.00  posted on 31-Oct-13    

  Stag Arms AR15   $1000.00  posted on 31-Oct-13    

  phoenix arms 22 lr pistol  $180.00  posted on 24-Oct-13    

  Helwan 9mm  $275.00  posted on 25-Sep-13    

  bolt action 20 gauge  $200  posted on 11-Sep-13    

  Lnib Browning A-Bolt II Micro 300ws...  $850  posted on 10-Sep-13    

  Mossberg 4x4 Mariner rifle  $750.  posted on 08-Aug-13    

  AR 15 CMMG  $1200  posted on 22-Jul-13    

  HI-point 45 acp pistol  $400.00  posted on 01-Jul-13    

  308 ruger  $600.00  posted on 30-Jun-13    

  nazi mgc67 prop gun p38 RARE!!  $150  posted on 29-Jun-13    

  1 box of Winchester 308   $21.00  posted on 27-Jun-13    

  1 box Winchester 45 long colt   $20.00  posted on 27-Jun-13    

  1 box of wolf 223 ammo  $18.00  posted on 27-Jun-13    

  2 boxes of harnady ruger 204  $45.00  posted on 27-Jun-13    

  6.5MM JAPANESE   $225  posted on 27-Jun-13    

  muzzeloader  $100.00  posted on 10-Jun-13    

  ww2 m1 carbine 30 cal   $850.00  posted on 30-May-13    

  Remington Bolt Action Model 770 Rif...  $325  posted on 30-May-13    

  Colt Automatic Pistols .38 Super Pi...  $800  posted on 29-May-13    

  sks  $400  posted on 11-May-13    
Featured Listing
  41 REM. Magnum cartridges  $0  posted on 08-May-13    

  Glock 19 pistol  $550  posted on 02-May-13    

  Glock 19  $550  posted on 02-May-13    

  45 bersa  $350  posted on 15-Apr-13    

  smith & wesson factory engraved  $1500.00  posted on 11-Apr-13    

  walther ww2 p38 code 358  $850.00  posted on 11-Apr-13    

  Ammo  $300.00  posted on 04-Apr-13    
Featured Listing
  Hand Gun  $450.00  posted on 04-Apr-13    

  HIGH STANDERD DOUBLE 9  $750.00  posted on 03-Apr-13    

  winchester 20 gauge pump usa  $300.00  posted on 02-Apr-13    

  ammunition  $28.00  posted on 21-Mar-13    

  taurus pt809 9mm pistol  $300.00  posted on 20-Mar-13    

  38 special s&w   $900.00  posted on 10-Mar-13    

  Colt AR-15 .22 Cal NEW IN BOX  $1000  posted on 16-Feb-13    

  Bushmaster Ar-15 New in Hard Case  $1900  posted on 16-Feb-13    

  CHURCH HILL / REMINGTON  $1400.00  posted on 03-Feb-13    

  CHURCH HILL / REMINGTON  $1400.00  posted on 03-Feb-13    

  rugger mini 14  $2000.00  posted on 03-Feb-13    

  702 plinkster  $200  posted on 24-Jan-13    

  AR-15 Ammo 5.56   $580  posted on 22-Jan-13    

  Remington-R25  $3750.00  posted on 16-Jan-13    

  .223 Hollow Point Hunting ammo  $40  posted on 14-Jan-13    

  Fox Pro Wildfire 2 + Decoys  $300  posted on 14-Jan-13    

  mossberg millitary trainner   $275  posted on 08-Jan-13    

  kimber82 gov   $800  posted on 08-Jan-13    

  Savage 110 30/06  $270  posted on 08-Jan-13    

  22 cricket, 243 cricket exc.  $1  posted on 14-Dec-12    

  Wolf Muzzleloader  $150.00  posted on 29-Nov-12    

  Taurus .40 cal  $425.00  posted on 15-Nov-12    

  Winchester Model 1300 12 Gauge  $300  posted on 29-Oct-12    

  TAPCO SKS  $450  posted on 24-Oct-12    

  REVOLVER,SHOTGUN  $875.99  posted on 04-Oct-12    

  MARLIN 410 SHOTGUN  $150  posted on 17-Sep-12    

  Knight buckhorne magnum  $100.00  posted on 12-Sep-12    

  Knight 50 cal.muzzleloader  $100.00  posted on 12-Sep-12    

  assorted guns  $1  posted on 12-Sep-12    

  Glock 17 Gen4  $550.00  posted on 06-Sep-12    
Featured Listing
  Excellent 12 gauge shotgun  $200.00  posted on 01-Sep-12    

  Thompson Tommy gun  $1200.00  posted on 20-Aug-12    

  Thompson Tommy gun for sale  $1200.00  posted on 20-Aug-12    

  Maverick 9mm  $175  posted on 19-Aug-12    

  OFF BRAND MUZZLELOADER  $75  posted on 12-Aug-12    

  Remington 300 win mag  $300  posted on 06-Aug-12    

  muxzleloader  $175.00  posted on 14-Jul-12    

  thompson 1927-a1 tommy gun  $1200.00  posted on 30-Jun-12    

  Highpoint 9mm  $150  posted on 20-Jun-12    

  Cz 75 PCR Compact 9mm.  $475  posted on 16-Jun-12    

  WANTED SAVAGE RIFLES  $0  posted on 09-Jun-12    

  WANTED SAVAGE STEVENS SHOTGUNS  $0  posted on 09-Jun-12    

  Knght Buckhorne Magnum  $125  posted on 03-Jun-12    

  Sportsmen Beautifully Mounted Grey ...  $400.00  posted on 25-Apr-12    

  stevens 12 single shot  $125  posted on 18-Apr-12    

  Browning Xbolt 30-06  $800  posted on 11-Apr-12    

  model 12 remington 22 pump  $800  posted on 04-Apr-12    

  Cabella 44Cal 1858 New Army Black P...  $225.00  posted on 03-Apr-12    

  ruger p90  $400  posted on 23-Feb-12    

  new england pardner 12 gage  $150  posted on 18-Feb-12    

  Wanted certain guns  $0  posted on 18-Feb-12    

  CHINESE SKS WITH EXTRAS  $500  posted on 17-Feb-12    

  Savage .17HMR  $500  posted on 14-Feb-12    

  Mossberg 500 Persuader 12ga  $350  posted on 14-Feb-12    

  NEF .243  $250  posted on 14-Feb-12    

  new england 12 gage  $120  posted on 14-Feb-12    

  i buy ammo  $5  posted on 30-Jan-12    

  Wanted Ruger GP100  $400  posted on 24-Jan-12    

  LOOKING FOR CERTAIN GUNS  $0  posted on 22-Jan-12    

  wanted - Savage 99  $0  posted on 20-Jan-12    

  Russian ammo.  $200  posted on 17-Jan-12    

  1952 SKS 7.62X39 Russian Rifle with...  $450.00  posted on 12-Jan-12    

  Mossberg Shotgun 12 gauge  $400  posted on 08-Jan-12    

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